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• 12/23/2015

Admin or Moderator Application

-I was voted Time magazines Person of the year in 2006

-I beat Dark Souls 2 twice

-I haven't thrown up in the past 24 hours

-I can tie my shoes now

-Im good at yelling

-I can read and write

-Litteraly no reasons not to hire me. 


-I have beaten every MGS game.

-I've watched the new star wars

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• 12/23/2015

-I've watched the new star wars

Tempting, tempting, I'll think about it.

• 12/23/2015
Is this supposed to be a joke?
• 1/18/2016

Joke? This is the most sound application EVER posted, and it hasn't even been accepted in a YEAR! /s

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