Akademi High School is a private[1] highschool that Yandere-chan, Senpai, rivals, and the other students attend. Alongside Yandere-chan's house, it is the setting for the game Yandere Simulator.

In the final game, the school will be referred to as an academy rather than as a high school.[2] The school and town will be separated by a winding trail surrounded by trees so that when you're in school, you are not able to see the town. Then nothing will be rendered and the frame rate will be low.[3]


Every student will wear the default uniform to this school, unless customized.

The school size is 250x250.[4]

Main Building

Announcement Room

Main Article: Announcement Room

Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.

Art Club

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.

Art Room

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.

A/V Room

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.


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There are bathrooms in every floor of the school in the eastern wings. The main character can drown students in a toilet or electrocute those who are soaking wet. The toilet stalls can be used to hide corpses. If Yandere-chan manages to take pictures in the girl's toilet on the third floor, she will be able to see a ghost staring at her.

Biology Lab

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.

Calligraphy Room

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.


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Each classroom has twenty-five desks and two doors, one at the back of the room, and one next to the teacher's desk. At the moment, all classrooms look the same. The main character can go to her classroom to distribute study points in the morning and after lunch. Press "T" (PC) to spawn a trail to lead her there. Pressing the "7" key in the debug menu (Press "\") during school hours will teleport her to her correct classroom (this is a debug control and will not be in the final game).

Computer Lab

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The Computer Lab is on the third floor and is also where the Gaming Club is located. Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo can be seen playing games before school, during lunchtime, and after school. You can also listen to cassette tapes in this room.

Cooking Club

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Students will come here after school to cook food. The player can obtain a knife here and frame students for murder.

Counselor's Office

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The Counselor will work here. Not fully implemented yet.

Drama Club

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Use unknown so far. There are eight masks to hide Yanddere-chan's identity and gloves to frame students for murder.


Main article: Dumpsters

Dumpsters are found at the back of the school, and you can dump bodies pushed off from the rooftop into them. Two cassette tapes and a garbage bag can be found here. You can place garbage bags in it to cover the body.

First Floor

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Many ground floor rooms are located here.


Main Article: Fountain

The fountain is located in the middle of the plaza in the school, surrounded by benches and cherry blossom trees.


Main Article: School Front

In front of Akademi High School are five weapons, an incinerator, and a bucket and mop, located near the gates.

Everyone goes into the school here.


Main Article: Garden

Students in the Gardening Club will use this area. It has not been fully implemented yet.


Main Article: Gym

An area where students in the Sports Club will go in the future.

There is no exterior only an interior.

Headmaster's Office

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The Headmaster will work here.

Home Ec Room

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Use unknown.

Info Club

Main Article: Info Club

Students after school will go to the Info Club. Not fully implemented yet.


Main Article: Library

Use unknown.

Light Music Club

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Students in this club will go here after school. Not fully implemented yet.

Locker Room

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The Locker Room is where students go before and after school to visit their lockers. Yandere-chan can leave a note on Kokona Haruka's locker to arrange a meeting if certain requirements are met.

Martial Arts Club

Main Article Martial Arts Club

Students in the Martial Arts Club will go here before and after school.

Meeting Room

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Use unknown.

Nurse's Office

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The Nurse's office is where the debug build nurse is located, though she cannot be interacted with yet. There are several beds, tables, cabinets, chairs, a couch, and a desk. A syringe and tranquilizer are located here for use for kidnapping.

Occult Club

Main Article: Occult Club

Students in this club will use this room after school. Not fully implemented yet.


Main Article: Plaza

The middle of the main second school building. 15 students to there before their first class session to hang out. Senpai goes there at lunchtime alone, unless it's a Wednesday where Kokona comes to see him.

Photography Club

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Students in this club will use this room after school. Not fully implemented yet.


YandereDev has stated that he is planning to add a pool[5]. The protagonist will be able to drown rivals in here. There is a prototype pool that can be seen when riding around Buraza Town, but it has not been implemented yet. Students in the Sports Club will use the pool.[6] The pool did not appear for the November 15, 2015 Update, so it is still unknown when it will be implemented.[7]


Main Article: Rooftop
The top of Akademi High School, the rooftop is a place where students will linger at lunch. The player can use it to their advantage, by faking a rival's suicide and eavesdropping on private conversations. A cello case and Midori Gurin are both found here as well. If bodies from fake suicides are found, the school may install a chain-link fence due to Yandere-chan's actions. Many student actions will happen here.

Science Lab

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The science lab is where you can find poison to put in your rival's food. It is located in the second floor. You will need a certain amount of study points to unlock "Poison", as you must complete Level 1 "Chemistry" If you have any trouble finding the poison, you can activate Yandere Vision. The room was called "Chemistry Lab" prior to the November 15th, 2015 Update.

Second Floor

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Many rooms are located on the second floor.

Sewing Room

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Used for the Sewing Club. Not fully implemented yet.


Main Article" Shed

Students in the Gardening Club will use this area. It has not be fully implemented yet.

Shower Room

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Both the female students' locker room and bath are in a separate part of the building. They bathe here if their uniforms are ruined. You can also go here to get a new uniform, kill students, or take nude photos of students. There will be a males' locker room in the future, so you can admire or steal something from Senpai.

Sociology Classroom

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Use unknown. Not fully implemented yet.

Storage Rooms

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An area where the player can kidnap students. Six of them are found across school. An Undertale Easter Egg is located in one of the rooms, with a mouse hole and a cheese on a table. In the room there's the description, "Knowing that the mouse might one day leave its hole and get the fills you with Determination." This is a reference to Undertale, where the player can gain determination for doing certain actions.

Student Council Room

Main Article: Student Council Room

Will be used for the Student Council Club. Not fully implemented yet.

Third Floor

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Many rooms are located on the third floor.


Main Article: Track

An area where students in the Sports Club go to. Not fully implemented yet.

Vending Machine

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Two vending machines are located on the second floor. Yandere-chan is able to buy soft drinks here. They were added just for fun and there is no limit to the amount of drinks bought. The drinks have no real purpose for now.


School Anthem

This was intended as a joke on Twitter, and should not be taken seriously. YandereDev has said that the school anthem is "Pomf Pomf Kimochi Uguu Uguu".[8]


Main Article: Internet

In the October 8th, 2015 Build, the player can access Akademi High School's faux Facebook account. Here Yandere-chan can write messages, and see other people's messages as well.

The logo in English means "The best". With the arrows pointing in all directions, the logo means "The best at everything". [9] This logo can only be seen on the Akademi Facebook page so far.


Main Article: Manga

Five different manga books are found randomly across Akademi's track. Yandere-chan is able to read them at night to increase her Seduction Level.


Main Article: Tapes

There are ten Mysterious Tapes are found randomly across the campus. Yandere-chan is able to collect them and listen to them in the Computer Lab to learn more about the lore of the school.


  • The original layout of the school was based on the Yasogami High School from Persona 4.[10]
  • There will eventually be a map of the school that the player can use to not get lost, but this is a low priority.[11]
  • You may be able to call the school to explain that you are 'sick' if you miss a day of school because of torturing.[12]
  • The reason why there are no security cameras is that the school cares about its reputation too much to install them. They don't want to create an image of a school where students are in danger, need protection, or surveillance.[13]
  • The police and the media will stay away from the school because The Headmaster bribes the police, as said in Mysterious Tape #2.
    File:Old test environment version 2.jpg
  • There used to be an old test environment that YandereDev later removed in the May 24th, 2015 Update. He said that later in the game there would be better environments.
  • Despite the game using a lot of Japanese themes, signs and boards in game will be in English instead of Kanji. (Kanji are Chinese characters used in the Japanese language)[14]
  • There's apparently a rival school, but there will be no rivals from there.  It will be in one flashback, since a very important character from that school plays a role in the game's backstory.[15]
  • The original plan for renovating Akademi High was to simply use this model. When that plan didn't work, modular pieces were created instead.[16]
  • Akademi High was founded around 1985.[17]
  • The name might come from the Japanese Katakana spelling for academy, Akademī (アカデミー)
  • YandereDev thinks that it should be possible for the player to press a button and see a map of the school. However, he won’t prepare something like this until the school is 100% final.[18]


  • The second school grounds has some sort of barrier that prevents anyone who is following the protagonist from crossing over to the track.


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