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Ayumi Shinohara
Biological Gender

Female Female


She She









Additional Info
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She is an introvert and is a loner. She had a rich and famous family in when she lived in Sisuta Town, But they died in an extreme car crash. Except her 23-old brother, Who was in home while the accident went on. They lived alone for four years till she reached 16, Then she left her hometown and moved to Buraza Town to continue her education.

Ever since she joined Akademi high school, She had one friend, who is......... {The page is still WIP} , Who she developed a crush on.

She enjoyed swimming and joined the swimming team. She is one of the best swimmers.


She is coward, not only when reacting to murder, But always. She can fear smallest things.

Daily life

She will stand next to one of the school's trees or go anywhere that has no people in it.

Angry/Aggressive Personality

She will have her face completely red and will yell at anyone who talks to her, whoever.

Happy Personality

She will sit on a bench, Go to her club, or go to the class and a smile will appear on her face.

Sad/Disappointed Personality

She will act like daily life and sit alone, away from noise and people, Trying to comfort herself.

Reaction to Murder

She will immediately go to a bathroom stall or close the storage room on herself and call the police.



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