Daku Atsu is one of the male students currently attending Akademi High School.


Daku has dark blue hair in a bowl-shaped hair cut. He wears the default uniform unless customized. He has black-rimmed spectacles with one of the lenses completely opaque. Daku wears the Occult Club choker when the club is active. He always has a sad expression on his face.


Among all the personas currently implemented in the game, Daku is a Loner. Meaning that he will run home and called the police when witnessing murder. However, he will not respond if a camera is pointed at him as the animations for that are not implemented.


At 7:05 AM Daku enters the school gates. He reaches his locker at around 7:10 AM. He then starts to make his way to the Occult Club at 7:15 AM.

Daku heads to class 1-1 at 8:00 AM and sits down at his desk. He completes his morning classes by 1:00 PM and heads back to the Occult Club.

He then returns to class 1-1 at 1:30 PM and finishes his afternoon classes at 3:30 PM. After his classes, Daku heads to his locker and lingers there until 3:50 PM. Then he heads to the Occult Club and stays there till the end of the day.

When the Occult Club is inactive, he and the other previous members of the club will socialize outside of the club room during periods of time when they usually go inside the club.


  • He was implemented as of the January 1st, 2016 Build. He was only created when the modeler,Druelbozo, discovered that there weren't enough Occult Club members for the game.
  • His name is a play on the phrase "dark arts" translated into Japanese: daaku aatsu (ダーク・アーツ).
  • Daku may or may not remain in the game for he is not a true character and just a test dummy for debugging. If he does remain, he may undergo a heavy change.
  • Druelbozo said that Daku's appearance is a reference to Yu Narukami from the video game Persona 4.

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