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Humiko Daisuke
Screenshot 69
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 80+
Club Gaming - Martial Arts - Library Assistance
Age 17
Persona Deredere/Semi-Brave
Crush  ???
Strength Unknown
Emoticon Not yet made.
Additional Info She is an extrovert and likes reading.


She is an extrovert and likes to interact with others, She also likes reading and will always carry books in her bag to read.


She wears uniform 5# with a striped skirt with black pantyhose.

Her hair is dark blue and she has black eyes.


Daily Life

She will be socializing, texting or reading books most of the time.

Happy Personality

Will be watching the school from the rooftop.

Angry/Aggressive Personality

Will try to hide her angry side with a smile.

Sad/Disappointed Personality

Will sit alone under the cherry tree behind school and read books.

Reaction to murder

She will try to protect the victim with all power she got, and face the killer.


  • Her favorite color is blue.