Info-chan is a main character in Yandere Simulator that is an ally for Yandere-chan.


In the first intro she was short with short red hair with short red bangs. She had a similar shade of red for her eyes. She accessorized with red framed glasses and wore a mischievous smile. She had the default female school uniform.


Info-chan doesn't seem to care for other people's privacy as she sells panty shots of random female students to boys.



They can help each other out. Yandere-chan can do panty shots for Info-chan while the latter reveals rivals for Senpai's affection.


Info-chan doesn't care about ruining Senpai's love life by setting Yandere-chan on those who may take him away from Yandere-chan.

Osana Najimi

Info-chan wants her to suffer for an unknown reason.


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