Karin Hana is the teacher of Classroom 3-1.


Karin has brown hair cut to her shoulders. Her bangs cover her left eye slightly. She has brown eyes and rectangular black-rimmed glasses.

Karin wears the classic teacher uniform: a brown patterned shirt, a grey blazer, black leggings and light grey high heels with light blue bows.


She is a member of the school faculty. Karin is Strict and has had extensive martial arts training. She will display a suspicious expression on her face if a camera is pointed at her and is not in the Photography Club.


Karin has no routine yet so she stays in Classroom 3-1 all day unless a students calls her out or if she is chasing Yandere-chan.



  • Karin Hana was implemented in the May 3rd, 2015 Build.

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