Kohaku Ootori, aka Unity-chan, is a character made for testing purposes by Yandere Dev. She does not appear in the game. YandereDev said that he wanted to put her in the game but unfortunately the The Unity Asset store didn't want to show her out of her dignity.


Kohaku wears the default female school uniform. She has a big bust and a long, blonde hair tied in long pigtails going down her hips. Her eyes are a light shade of blue. She also has thigh-high white stockings and the same bust size as [[Kokona Haruka]] also known as a size "2".[[File:Unity-Chan_.jpg|thumb|Unity-Chan ]][[File:Behind_Unity-Chan.jpg|thumb|Behind Unity-Chan]]


Kohaku is widely known as one of the most popular girls in school. She will never hesitate to help out a friend. If she sees [[Yandere-Chan]] committing murder, she'll attempt to help both Yandere-Chan and the victim. If she sees someone other than Yandere-chan kill, she'll act more like the Hero Persona. She is best friends with [[Yandere-Chan]], or at least she considers herself as Yandere-chan's best friend. She's also Yandere-chan's cousin. She likes to play sports and video games.