She is a Yandere OC created by DarkUchihaPrincess.


She has pinkish-maroon hair with medium length twin tails and side swept bangs. Her eyes are purple with a tint of the same maroon colour as her hair. She has a breast size of 2. She wears light pink and pinkish-maroon striped above the knee stockings.


When with others, she appears friendly and optimistic but when she is alone or with a victim she is sadistic and cold. Unlike Yandere-chan, she does feel slight remorse when she kills people but convinces herself that its for her 'Shinpai'.


Shin Higaku

She has never spoken to him and prefers to watch him from afar. If Shin tries to talk to her, she freezes and her face flushes red causing him to get weirded out and walk off.