Mina Rai is one of the female students that attends Akademi High School.


Mina is a journey-man level disciple of Budo Masuta, so she is very strong during fights.


Mina Rai will wear the default school uniform unless customized.

Before the February 15, 2016 Build, she had dark brown short hair with long bangs. Her eyes were also dark brown. She wore a white headband with Japanese symbols on it. Her bust size is 1.

As of the February 15, 2016 Build, she has short bowl hair with several locks hanging down, as well as short piecey bangs.

When in the Martial Arts Club, she will don a traditional sparring outfit. If the club disbands, she will not wear the headband anymore.


Among all the personas that are currently implemented in the game, Mina is heroic. Meaning that if she sees Yandere-chan commit murder to anyone, she will rush up to her and try to stop her. Mina will give Yandere-chan a suspicious look if she tries to take a picture of her when Yandere-chan isn't in the Photography Club.


At 7:09 AM, Mina will enter the school grounds, twenty-third in line on the left side, if facing the school gates. She will walk to her locker at 7:10 AM. At 7:15 AM, she will walk to the Martial Arts Club on the second floor and spar with Sho Kunin.

At 8:00 AM, Mina will walk into Classroom 2-1 and sits at her desk. She will start her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leave to go back to the Martial Arts Club at 1:00 PM.

Mina will walk to class again at 1:30 PM and finish her afternoon classes at 3:30 PM. Afterwards, she will head to the Martial Arts Club and stay there until the end of the day. If the player joins in club activities, she will practice kicking with other members from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

If the Martial Arts Club is inactive, she will socialize with the other former members outside of the club during periods when she would normally attend the club. (7:15 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:30 PM).


  • She was implemented in the November 15th, 2015 Build.
  • Her previous hairstyle was derived from Honoka Futaba's model, which can be bought from the Unity Asset Store.[1]
  • Her name is a play on words. The term "minarai" (見習い) in Japanese defines an "apprentice" or a "disciple".
  • Mina may or may not remain in the game for she is not a true character and just a test dummy for debugging. If she does remain, she may undergo a heavy change.[2]
  • Mina Rai's hair style in the February 15th, 2016 Build resembles Chi Chi from Dragon Ball.
  • She is the second most difficult student to defeat, after Budo Masuta, having a strength of "Very Strong."

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