Heyo!~ My name is Tatsukawa-chan, but you can call me Misao-chan.~
— Tatsukawa Misao
Misao Tatsukawa is an OC owned by Gamesee. Please do not use him without their permission. Please comment any criticism (politely), things you like, relationships I should add, ect.


Misao has a very feminine appearance naturally, and uses this his appearance to cross-dress. He has short, blonde hair in a bob that is usually very neat due to the amount of product put into it. His eyes are a little big, and are a shade of "emerald green." He is about 5'6 (171 cm) in height, and weights about 130 lbs (58 kgs.) On average he wears the default school uniform.


Misao acts very cheerful to the people he meets, and tends what somewhat "cute" personality wise. He will never actively try to talk to someone, but he will act normal when someone else does regardless of who it is.

In reality though, Misao is somewhat of a psycopath.

He will willingly threaten people who know this side of his personality with no remorse, and still does it in a "cute" manner. He has no remorse for most people he hurts (mentally) unless he truly cares for them. He isn't yangire or yandere however, just creepy and remorseless.





7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. - Misao will arrive at school by car, then go to his locker to change his shoes and organize his stuff. He will then proceed to hang out with a group with two other girls, ___ and ____.

8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - Misao will go to class 1-2 with a friend and attend class the whole time.

1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Misao will go to lunch on the roof with his two friends. He will eat until 1:15 on Tuesday, then excuse himself to go take a phone call nearby the dumpsters. If you record what he says on the call, you will hear him threaten a student from a nearby school and demand that they meet him after school on Thursday at an abandoned restaurant. He can be blackmailed with this, or this can be taken to a counselor to get him suspended. Afterwards he will return to class.

1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Misao will attend class the whole time.

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Misao will go to the Drama Club right away, then on any day but Thursday he will walk home.

After 5:00 p.m. on Thursday - Misao will go to said restaurant, and can be stalked the whole way (although since he is a trained yakuza member it is rather hard.) He will meet with the student and yell at them for not getting "the job" done. Although the student will apologize, Misao will beat him until the student is covered in injuries and their wrist is broken, and leave with no words. If recorded you can either blackmail Misao or give the recording to the counselor get him expelled and befriend the random student.


70% since Misao is a little jacked up in the head.


A Little Convincing

Misao's friend _____ was kicked out of the baseball team for breaking the school rules! This makes Misao very upset, and he would appreciate it if you could help get them back in the club through any means necessary.


Misao is easy to frame, expel, or even befriend but murdering him can be quite a challenge. He is a "Martial Arts Master" so your P.E. would need to be high to do a normal "stabby stab." If you try to kill him, he will try to beat you in the mini-game and then assault you. Suicide is near impossible considering bullying him doesn't really hurt him, but faking one could be done will less trouble. However, poisoning and electrocution are the easiest since you could easily distract him while eating if his friend called him over, then poison the food. As for electrocution you could simply pour water on him and then electrocute him as he is in the boy's locker room.


Misao's Stats. (Based off of Kouseki Ryomi's profile.)

Social Stats

  • Friends: 2
  • Enemies: TBA
  • Reputation: 10
  • Tasks: 1
  • Seduction: 2
  • Crush: TBA
    • Rivals: TBA
  • Murders Witnessed: 1
  • Murders Enacted: 0
    • Rivals Eliminated: 0
      • Fatally: 0
      • Peacefully: 0

Overall Social Skills: 6/10

School Stats

  • Biology: 2
  • Chemistry: 2
  • Language Arts: 1
  • PE: 5
    • Strength Level: 5
  • Psychology: 4

Overall Knowledge: 5/10

Dere Stats

  • Yandere Level: 7
  • Tsundere Level: 2
  • Kuudere Level: 1
  • Dandere Level: 1
  • Deredere Level: 6

RPG Stats

  • Name: Misao Tatsukawa
  • Level: 20/100
  • HP: 100/100
  • Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle
  • Finishing Move: The Sharpshooting Yazuka
  • Allies: _______ and _______
  • Enemies: TBA

Other Stats

  • Cooking: 2
  • Acting: 9
  • Occult Knowledge: 4
  • Badassery: 7
  • Swimming: 5
  • Lewdness: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Healing Skill: 2
  • Kawaiiness: 6
  • Sue Level: 5
  • Edgyness: 1


Awww how sweet!~ Thank yoooouuuu!~
— when he is complimented.
I get it I geeeeet it! Pleeeeeaaaaaaase just shut up!
— when he is complimented too much.
Are you okay? I can go gets a counselor you know.
— when he sees someone who is visibly insane, while making the o3o face.
What is that on you? Wait wait don't tell me- its blood! It has that nice iron scent my Dad has sometimes, so I know. Don't worry, I'll pretend like I never saw you.~
— when he sees someone covered in blood.
If you are going to hurt someone at school at least hide it somewhere on you, amateur.
— when he sees someone visibly armed.
Ooooo, what is funny? I love jokes!~
— when he sees someone laughing insanely.
Wow, a murder happening at our own Akademi High School! This is sooo cool!~ Don't worry, I won't snitch. That would be hypocritical!
— when he sees someone murdered.
You have nice tastes, I admit. Still, that is something you may... regret.
— when someone is attempting to take/taking a panty shot of him.
Guuuuuys!~ It is a pervert photographerrrr!~
— when he sees someone taking a panty shot of someone else.
Huh, did Chiaki have a nosebleed again? Nah, she is on the sports field. Ooooo, I wonder if there was a murder!~ Ah well, I am not sticking around to find out!
— when he sees a pool of blood.
Wow, you really like me! I do too! As in I like you, not myself, hehehe....
— when his crush confesses to him.
I am sorry, but I don't feel the same way!~ We can be friendsies though! ^-^
— when someone who isn't his crush confesses to him.
Is someone having a hangover like at my old school? Ah well, might as well leave them to the teachers. It'll be funny hearing what happened though.~
— when he sees a corpse/someone passed out.
I'd put your back into it if you want to go faster. Just a thought.~
— when he sees someone dragging a body.


Gorou Tatsukawa - Misao's dad. Gorou doesn't approve of his son's hobbies, but Misao completely ignores everything Gorou says. The two still enjoy training together though.

Yasu Tatsukawa - Misao's mom. Misao thinks she is weak since she is dependent on a man, and tends to ignore her advice. She automatically sides with her husband in arguments, and has stopped trying to talk to Misao at this point.

____________ - Friends. The two met when they were running the same booth at a festival, and gradually became friends. ________ sometimes can be tsundere-like, but is generally nice.

____________ - Friends. The two met in class in elementary school, and have been friends ever since. Misao usually sticks up for ______ since they are incredibly quite, and ______ usually can help with Misao's homework.

Finn Audet - Acquaintances. The two do not know each other well, but can relate both being crossdressers. Finn does think Misao is a tad creepy though.

Kisekae Codes

Credit goes to this post for some of the outfits.



Street Clothes


Formal Wear







  • Misao was born on October 6th, which is literally "Mad Hatter Day" in America.
  • Misao can speak Italian and English. He is learning sign language as well after school.
  • In Joke RPs Misao will carry a sniper rifle to school.
  • Misao is slightly based off of Nagisa from 50% Off.