Note - The nurse on this page is the substitute Rival nurse. There will be another nurse, the Official Nurse, during most other parts of the game.

Student Info
Career Temporary Nurse
Reputation Unknown
Club Faculty
Age Adult
Persona Perverted
Crush Senpai
Strength Unknown
Emoticon Not yet made
Additional Info Is a subsitute temporary Nurse that has a crush on Senpai .


As of now, she has pink hair put back into a ponytail and violet eyes. Her skin tone is the same as Yandere-chan's.  As for clothes she wears a white, short-sleeved dress with a high collar and white belt, and eight, vertically lined black buttons on her left side. She has a stereotypical nurse's cap at all times. As for shoes she wears dark brown loafers with white socks reaching her mid-thigh.


The nurse is meant to be an unintentional sexual innuendo, and very innocent in nature. She may be a Hero, meaning she will fight back when attacked, but her strength is unknown.


As of now there is none, but in the future she will have one. However, it is a low priority as of now.


  • If eliminated peacefully she will leave by the end of the week.