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he has long messy black hair, bangs with one streak of hair over her eye, the Occult Club choker, and bags. She wears the normal school uniform with the long skirt varient, as she is modest with her clothing. Underneath she has deep black pantyhose. She also has a rather small chest. Out of school she wears a white gothic lolita dress, sometimes with wigs.


Rei is a loner at school. Rei mostly keeps to herself but is not afraid to interact with people. She is not also afraid to afflict pain on people, but only in a situation if shes the only person who can do it and must do it. She will use niceities such as Please, Yes, No, Thank you and so on. When she hears rumors about her she will get mad, but she knows there is nothing she can do about it, so she will do nothing about it, but shes still pissed. Shes a little insecure about her hair. Rei is also not afraid to call someone out on their bullshit if she has to, or knock someone out, so she has a slight low tolerance for bullshit. She has a tendancy to be very feminime and to keep her composure. However, overall she enjoys being ladylike and classy but not afraid to hurt someone.


Rei lives with her parents in an unimportant town. She has no siblings and is apart of the occult club. She attends Akademi High school. She has a slight bad reputation among people who don't know her that well, as she is a common victim of rumors. Rumored to be in a poor household and has to work alongside her parents. Also rumored to be in a "Revenge site gang" with the name of S-H-T-R-E-G-A. She also draws students when shes bored. She skips PE class so she flunks it but she is advanced at all other subjects. Since shes in the occult club most people take her as a downer like some others, but she is not, she joined the occult club pureley out of curiosity of the paranormal.




7:00-7:12: Rei comes last from the right row of students and puts on her indoor shoes.

7:12-7:45: Rei will go to the occult club and read or talk with the other members.

7:40-8:00: Rei uses her remaining time to walk around the halls, she goes to the haunted bathroom time to time, out of curiosity.

8:00-1:00: Rei goes to class 1-1.

1:00-1:30- Rei goes to random clubs to watch what they are doing, if they allow it.

1:30-3:30- Rei goes to class 1-1.

3:30-6:00- Rei goes to the occult club.


If using the yandere simumlator task function to make friends, you would need to do 2 tasks for Rei.

Task 1: Give Daku a letter "..Please.....bring this to Daku." If accepted the task "Thats rare.." If denied the task "I anticipated this.."

Task 2: Ask Supana if she has any extra hair clips "You did one favor for me, so I will ask a last. Ask Supana if she has any hairclips"If accepted the task "..Huh..your weird." If denied the task "..-Closes eyes and smiles- "

After doing task 1 you can ask her to leave the area. She will be out longer than most students. After doing task 2 you can ask her to distract someone. She will not do the follow me command as she would question your motives. Even if you say something like "I want to show you something cool!" she would reply "Yeah.....but why would you tell me.?" She will take more time than regular students to distract or go away.


When seeing a murder "-Gasp-..hhuhuhhhhh -Runs away-

When seeing a corpse "TCHCHSHSHssssss -Runs away-"

When seeing blood ".....-Walks the way she came-"

When seeing a weapon on the floor "-Ignores it"

When seeing someone bloody "..Did you get to the art club?"

When seeing someone with a weapon ".ngnhh..-Walks away"

When seeing someone bloody with a weapon "Nghghgh -Walks away to the nearest class-"

When seeing someone trying to take a panty shot of her "Really? Out of all the girls you chose the one wearing the long skirt? You know what I'm not even going to damage your reputation for being so brave on attempting to take a panty shot to a girl with a long skirt with PANTYHOSE"


Her favorite drink is coffee, with alot of cream.

Her favorite food is a cake pop.

She enjoys walks in the rain.

Her design was editted in windows paint by her creator, her creator obviously takes time and effort into her.

She shares the same birthday as her creator.

She is slightly based of off Tomoko from watamote.

She hates camping.

Her favorite color is purple.

She enjoys turkey pot pie.

She looked at yuri, not because shes a pervert, but because she got wondering what It looked like at one time in her life, she regrets nothing.

Her first name Rei, has multiple meanings, bell, nothing/zero, lovely, or spirit.

The reason why she calls the person who accepted supana's task, is because it's extremely rare for people to do her a 2nd favor.

Rei thinks that valentines day is not a real holiday. She dismisses it as a regular day,"Treat yoself, gurl."

She owns wigs, since shes a lolita.

Sometimes when shes bored, she stalks students so she can draw them.

Her creator thinks her theme would be something like... .

She is originally from chicago.

She originally had silver patterned stockings to show that shes a goth lolita, this was scrapped by the creator.

Rei's grades are Math:B+ Japanese:A- Reading:B- PE:F Elective:B Homeroom:A

She scored a 19 on the Mary Sue test on her finalized backround and personality on this wikia ☀

A past version of Rei's backround was that she was in a poor household and she was often dependant of others.

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