Rumina Suiso is an OC made by Mougeki Mero.

Rumina Suiso is one of the faculty memebers. She is the Chemistry teacher. She is Lesbian but she would never have a relationship with a student.


Rumina born on Buraza and have studied on another school. She decided to teach on Akademi because of the school's great status in Japan. She takes the place of the Chemistry Teacher, and also the Manager of the Chemistry Lab. She is kind and nice, but her Persona is Strict just like the other students. If there is something she disapproves she will lead the faultful student to the Counselor.


She have blonde long hair, and bangs similar to Ayano's. She have orange eyes, but they carry an happy expression, unlike the other teachers. Also, she wears a dress-sweater, with light blue tone, and small brown boots with a ribbon on the side of each.


My OCs

Meiko Seitekina

She really hates Meiko. She is a beaultiful woman indeed, but she is a lot homophobic and perverted. Rumina tries to be nice with her, but Meiko looks her with bad eyes and disapproves the teacher.

Ryota Kanon

She likes him. She is seen a few times talking with him about school matters and etc.

Mougeki Mero

Regular Student relationship.

Sohoka Tainosha

Troublemaker who always explodes things during Rumina's classes. Rumina sends her to the Counselor a lot of times.

Ni Kanwa

She disapproves him, and his pervness. She hates how he looks, how he looks the girls, and how he acts. She is unknown about his "classes", thought.

Torappune Kaigai

Rumina's gives all the support to Torappune because of he being a crossdresser.


  • 7:00-8:00 - Is sleeping at home.
  • 12:30-1:30 - Have a lunch and prepare her next classes.
  • 5:00-5:30- Goes home


She is nice and kind. She is also Strict, however, and she would react to misbehave like the regular teachers would. She is lesbian, and pro-LGBT: she defends the LGBT movement and is against the homophobia. She is also against all pervness inside Akademi and tries to fight against it.



  • "Suiso" means "Hydrogen". Her birthday is set to January, 1st (01/01) because of teh Hydrogen being a element in the first family and first period of the periodic table.
  • She is very pro-LGBT.
  • She was lesbian since she was 10.