Ryuto Ippongo is one of the male students currently attending Akademi High School.


Ryuto has dark red hair that sticks upwards and brightens up at the tips. He has side burns and wears a red bandanna around his head. Ryuto has dark red eyes.

He wears the default school uniform unless customised.


Among all the personas currently implemented in the game, Ryuto is a Loner. He will not react to cameras being pointed at him as the animations are not implemented yet.

When witnessing murder, Ryuto will shocked for about five seconds (seven seconds if wearing the Cute Bear panties) so the player can use that time to try to kill him. If he survives, he will run out the school gates and call the police.


Pippi Osu - Has a crush on her, does not realise she share the same feelings for him.


Ryuto arrives on school grounds at 7:05 AM and reaches his locker at 7:10 AM. He lingers there until 7:15 AM and heads to the Computer Lab to play Osu!

He then goes to Class 3-2 at 8:00 AM and starts class at 8:30 AM. Ryuto completes his morning classes by 1:00 PM and returns to the Computer Lab to play Osu!

Ryuto goes back to Class 3-2 at 1:30 PM and finishes his afternoon classes by 3:30 PM. He then goes to his locker and lingers there for a while. Then he heads to the Computer Lab to play Osu! until the end of the day.